Time to Get Organized and A Sneak Peek

I'm typically a very organized person-I guess it's the teacher in me:) One of the areas I really wanted to focus on this year was to make my craft room and its' storage solutions more functional. I am a neat freak so that means putting everything away after I have used it, which isn't always the most time efficient task when it comes to crafting. You just end up using more time taking it out again for the next project. So as the weeks (more like months) go by I will share what tips, goodies, solutions I find with you. 
The first is for card storage. Do you remember when these were all the craze a few years ago? I still see them from time to time at various craft stores. This tin lunchbox was my first answer to card storage. I stamped the tin using Staz-on ink and made the dividers out of cardboard. Then used designer series paper to decorate them. It served its purpose quite well, but unfortunately was limited to the number of cards it held. So I made a second-and once again that tin quickly filled up.

Allow me to introduce the Forget-Me-Not-Keeper! This is the answer to your card organizational nightmares. Look how many cards this beauty holds. I am actually going to make one similar to how I had my original tin organized, by theme (i.e. holidays, kids, masculine, sympathy, etc.) But the one I am sharing with you today is by month. I love this!!

I really wanted to utilize the Calendar stamp set for this project. I started out by stamping the image in Basic Brown ink onto 8 1/2 x 11 Kraft card stock. I just eye balled it and tried to stamp it close to the bottom middle of the card stock. After stamping all 12 I went back and trimmed the top and bottom off with my Paper Trimmer. Then I went back and stamped the months with our Full Calendar stamp set in various colors. (HINT: The object of this project, for me, was to get organized quickly so I am content with leaving the cards this way. I'm the only one who will be using them. If you wanted more decor our Holiday Blitz stamp set would be perfect. Add some hearts to February, a clover to March. My point is- it doesn't always have to be completely decorated up. Decide what the object of the project is (functionality or WOW!) and proceed accordingly.) Too many projects go uncompleted because it becomes too time consuming and never ending due to the continuous "extras" we think we should add. As Nike states, "JUST DO IT"
Here are my cards trimmed and stamped. I also made a crease with my Bone Folder on each side by laying a divider on top of each piece of card stock. 
The next step was to adhere Sticky Strip to the front of the divider and attach it to the back of the card stock. (HINT: You really have to use Sticky Strip or some other strong tape or the sides of the card stock will come undone.)

Then place Sticky Strip onto the two sides of the card stock. This is a double sided tape. Once you peel away the red protective strip the clear tape remains.

Fold the sides back like so and press firmly. This is the back of the divider.

And here is the front. Now I can place all 12 dividers into the Keeper and place the appropriate cards behind it. Voila!! Problem solved:) I have a quick and easy reference for the events of that month.

As promised here is a sneak peek of a card I made today. It's been raining all day here in So. Cal and I needed SOME color in all the gloom. This is what resulted...

Paper: Kraft card stock {102125}
Stamps: Calendar {109298}, Full Calendar {114966}
Ink: Basic Brown {104315}
Tools: Paper Cutter {104152}, Sticky Strip {104294}, Bone Folder {102300}
Accessories: Forget-Me-Not-Keeper {105525}

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