A Dino-riffic Birthday

As promised here are the pics from this little guys birthday extravaganza. Erin these are for you:)

I found these here and ran them off on colored card stock and laminated them. They led the way to our door and through the house to the party.

Every Boy needs a superhero cape, no matter what the theme...

Here's a shot of the "Big Man" himself halfway through the festivities.

We had all sorts of guests. Found these here.

The cute banner and most of the party ideas came from here.

Kaylyn and Kim made the most adorable cookies! They were the first to go. I couldn't believe how incredible they turned out. I really think they should start doing it as a side business:) Thank you so much ladies. You are awesome and I truly appreciated the work and TIME they took.

I made cake balls and even tried my hand at royal icing, on rice crispy "pops", after seeing how good the cookies turned out. So much harder than I thought.

Here's a close up also inspired from The Celebration Shoppe.

All food was labeled appropriately with Dino names...

As well as the treats.

And of course what party is complete without a genuine Dino Cake?

As well as a homemade one his mom whipped up. I was proud of how nice it actually turned out. You can find the directions here.

Today is his actual day of birth so Happy Birthday Tanner! You are a special little boy and a great addition to our family and we love you so much.


Erin Gonzales said...

OMG!!!! I LOVED how it turned out... I have to call you and get all the deets! You did a great job, I hope my catty kick off will look half as good! Way to go super mom, thanks for making the rest of feel so lazy :)

Heather said...

You're so cute!!! I LOVE Tanner's Dino party :) Tanner is one lucky boy!!