Hello from SLC!

Hello from Convention! Erin and I are having an INCREDIBLE time. There is so much to see and do. And being sans kids for 5 days isn't too shabby either. 
I wanted to share some pictures with you, I know many of my friends who didn't get to come made me promise to, so here you go:)

Here's a picture of Main Stage. The theme this year is GROW, so many of the pictures/samples have to do with this concept.

I had to include these of Erin and I goofing off. 

These are just some of the projects on display. Can you ask for any greater inspiration?! There are some UNBELIEVABLE projects here.

 Aren't these amazing?

 Wouldn't these be fun hanging in a little girl's room?

 I want to make these two so badly!

Couldn't you just die? How cute are these?! I focused on the "growth" samples today, but check back tomorrow for more projects. Erin has others on her website here. Tomorrow we get to make our make-n-takes, can't wait to see what those are. But for now we are off to the Awards Party. See you tomorrow!

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