Gearing Up for the 4th

With the start of summer fast approaching, I started thinking of July 4th decor. I really don't have a whole lot, so I took a trip to some local craft/home decor stores, but was not impressed with what I found (or didn't find in my case).
So of course, I came home and started a search on the web. I found this gorgeous wreath idea from Sky Buffat.

She has all the directions and step by step photos here. It was really easy and therapeutic, lol. Plus it got me to attach my wreath holder that I've wanted to put up for a while.

Next, I searched for some samples of subway art on the web and Pinterest. I found many, but this is the one I liked the most. I bought the frame at Target, but if you already have one, you'd save even more.

I actually think I will switch this to a darker frame and place the project I am completing today into this frame. Here is the link to this one.

My pin wheels I cased from Robbie Rubala two years ago are my final decor item.

These fun decorations and instructions can be found at this post.

As mentioned above, I have one more project that I'm working on and will post that tonight...stay tuned.


Karol Keo said...

Love how they all turned out! I am so inspired to make a wreath now :)TFS! www.karolkeo.com

Maria@Crafty Cre8tions said...

Wow! These are fabulous! The wreath is outstanding!