Thank Goodness for Pinterest!

Many of you know that I started a new job at the end of last year, so my crafting and blogging had to be put aside while I got the job down. Now I want to share some events I did that if not for Pinterest, might have not been so cute:) I am obsessed with Pinterest! Love the ideas and being able to search for something and get back so many cute ideas immediately. 
When my oldest turned 7, that's exactly where I turned. There are so many great (and often free) printables that you normally wouldn't know about. He wanted a lego themed birthday.

The banner was free and I simply printed it out and adhered it to different colored card stock.

Isn't this cake awesome? I gave some pictures to a friend of some cake ideas I had found online and she took it from there. When Andrea, the owner, brought the cake over, my mouth dropped! It was amazing. Braden was so excited as were the boys when they saw it. And the best part was the cake flavor was made with Kool Aid-so cool! I am so lucky to know some talented gals:)

Each boy received a marshmallow pop (idea from Pinterest). I placed a miniature marshmallow onto a larger marshmallow and dipped them in yellow candy melts. I personally am not a marshmallow gal and was a little grossed out by this idea, but the boys LOVED them!

I used one of Braden's gifts as decor, his Lego stacker. And my husband made this lego art displaying his birthday age, another Pinterest idea.

My favorite were the gift bags. Such a simple idea, but I wouldn't have thought of them on my own.

We had plenty of activities. Here they are putting together Minotaurus, which is a lego game. It is a great family game, I never thought I'd say that about lego's, but it's true! It had great reviews and we've had a blast playing it.

Of course most of the night was spent playing the Wii, shocker? Some of these boys are REALLY good.

After pizza the birthday boy blew out his candles (all 7 of them).

The culminating activity was to jump from the Little Tykes play structure onto the Love Sac with the goal of popping the ballon under your knees. Only boys, I tell you....


chanya13 said...

Happy Birthday! Sweet cake.

Bethany Lasher said...

Pinterest has so many wonderful ideas! I love the ones you used for the birthday party. My kids love legos also, and I've saved some ideas for a future party for them. Happy Birthday!